EV Subscriptions

What is Car Subscription?

Subscription is the future of auto retail. For one monthly fee, you get to own a car with all basic services included. In addition, with Eleport you will get services which are not possible with your regular financing or full service leasing,

Flexible agreement

Cancel your subscription anytime without any additional fees.

EV 24h support and charging

24/7 full EV support and possibility to include charging in your monthly payment.

Insurance cover

Choose your excess level or reduce it till 0€.

Subscribe electric car for as short as one month

Eleport EV-Subscription rental gives you a flexible alternative to leasing or financing a vehicle. The minimum term is one month (30 days), you can also decide how long you want to use the rental car – whether for one, two, three months or longer – depending on your needs and budget. After the chosen rental period has expired, it is no problem to extend the contract. In addition, there are no additional costs for an early return, as can be the case with leasing. Regardless of whether you, as a corporate customer, are looking for an alternative to leasing or a safe family car for your vacation – our flexible Subscription is an ideal solution for you. The rental price already covers all costs such as insurance, maintenance & inspection, handling insurance cases and even energy for charging. With Eleport you have the freedom to rent a car for a longer period without having to worry about long-term obligations.

It's contactless and super easy!

Download our app or book from website

Sign up & select your preferences. Search through our cars to find one that suits you the most.

Choose suitable services and options

Choose suitable package and add extra options. Deposit is not needed and your Subscription will come without hassles!

Switch or return

You have only one month commitment. Feel free to return or switch cars whenever you like, with no fuss and no hidden charges.

Eleport Subscription – the flexible solution for private customers

Whether you want to do without public transport on your longer family vacation, have just moved to a new city or it will be a few more weeks before your new car is delivered – if you need a car for the foreseeable future, a monthly rental is often the most flexible option and cheapest solution. Subscription is a great option, especially when compared to leasing or buying, to make your commute easier for a few weeks and save money in the process. Whether agile small cars for the city, a station wagon or SUV that offers space for the whole family or exclusive limousines, Eleport has a wide range of Electric vehicles for rental for private customers.

Find out more about our Subscription rental for private customers .

Eleport EV-Subscription rental for companies

Would you like to use a company car for several months, rent a van to serve a temporary additional order or are you looking for a replacement car – without long-term obligations? Car Subscription enables companies to react flexibly to market impulses or changing demand and is therefore an ideal alternative and addition to their own company fleet. Instead of fixed costs for vehicle financing or short-term leasing, the costs for long-term rental are variable because you only pay when you actually rent. In addition, the long-term rental can be canceled daily after the minimum term of one month, which means that you can return the vehicle at any time without incurring additional costs or compensation payments, as can be the case with leasing. As an Eleport corporate customer, you receive exclusive company conditions at fixed prices for better calculability and full cost control. You don’t have to make any compromises when it comes to choosing a vehicle, whether it’s a car or a commercial vehicle, you get access to our extensive and comfortable vehicle fleet and rent as required.

Here you can find out everything about long-term car rentals for corporate customers.


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